Shogi Proverbs

There are many sites that has shogi proverbs so if get a proverb wrong forgive me and if you can correct me :). For those that dont know what a shogi proverb is, the best analogy i can provide is that there are like chess motifs. Basically its things to keep in when playing;while not necessarily tactics there are wisdom in the. If i learn how to post shogi pgn’s or whatever it is to show shogi games so you can see how the proverbs apply to the game.

A Pawn is Worth a Thousand Generals (Ippu Atai Senkin)

vacabulary: ippu=one pawn, atai=worth, sen=a thousand, kin=gold

A Pawn-anchored Gold is more solid than a rock.
(Kinzoko no Fu iwa yori katashi.

No vocabulary this time


These are the list of sites i used when i was just getting into shogi that helped out.

Shogi Shack
A good overall site that has a list of resources as well, so check it out if you want more sites. Shogi Shack does have some info on strategies, opening and piece value. The site also has Tsume problems, a section dedicated to teaching game(kifu) notations, and a few games by pros.

81 Square universe 

81 Universe square forum is one of the most active english shogi forum. If you have a question about shogi, join the forum and ask. The site also has some lessons on shogi as well if you are learning or looking for a review.

81 Dojo
This is the most user friendly shogi site for non-japanese players among the listing here. As with other sites, you need to register with your e-mail address and select your login name. All kinds of static data is available on players playing on 81dojo. (This is the only site you can check on your opponent’s playing style and tendency before you actually start playing) There is a short tutorial on how to use the site. It also hosts 3x4 shogi board (aka animal/Dobutsu) shogi. Be aware this site’s applet does allow illegal moves (double pawns etc.,) and immediately declare that you have lost. (Other sites simply will not allow illegal moves). The site also doesn’t tell if you are in check so pay more attention to you game.

Now you can take shogi class on Youtube. The author HIDETCH has created an impressive archive of youtube video clips for Shogi fans. 
He also has his videos in categories one is to learn how to play shogi, the other is about different opening,shogi new, and games where i believe he does some commentary. I havent decided if i will post his video on my blogs do to the ammount of videos he has. Im leaning to no because HIDETCH has the videos in order so it seems redundant to post it, Idk i might need your opinion on this.

The Shogi subreddit of Reddit
As i posted on reddit i am not trying to make you switch from tumblr to reddit or vice versa but it is another site that has info. Unfortunately the site is sorta empty/dead but if you post a question you will get an answer. If you don’t want to ask or be part of the subreddit or site that is fine there has been some old questions,videos, or post that might be of some use to you. If you want to make the place more active that would be great but again i am not trying to make you use reddit.